Friday, May 11, 2007

The water that made us 'one'

A dream of each and every human being had existed long before we had decided to break apart that unique bond which had made us ‘One’.
In the peril of getting exterminated from this earth do we need to find space anywhere else in the universe?
Or just reassemble the broken pieces of distinction together in a way where all become… for yet another time as ‘One’?
Let the endurance of water wash away all our egos and see that no one is deprived of taking a dip and uniting the lamps of oneness into the same water which had brought us together ages ago… the same water which had helped us to understand generosity by letting an old woman stand ahead of you in the queue for fetching it… the same water that had given us hope that soon, it’ll bring down the seeds of life into the fields we had ploughed… the same water that had taken care of our joyfulness when we as children had splashed it to play pranks upon our friends… the same water looking upon which we had felt that by telling a lie we can hide from others but our reflections shall always keep on reminding us that once we had told a lie… and I am talking about the same water sitting alongside which we had felt the presence of all our beloveds, felt that there is love everywhere around… the love that can unite us once again to make the ‘One’.

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